Master Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Now!

Learning with Data Coach will transform your company’s analytic capabilities. Our courses drastically advance data literacy, automate tedious reporting, and create immediate ROI, all using top business intelligence tools. Unlike any of our competitors, we offer premium learning paths alongside one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.

Tableau Desktop

Our coursework will teach your team how to use one of the best data visualization tools for business intelligence and self-service analytics. With training from our Data Coaches, your team can develop beautiful visuals, interactive dashboards, and compelling analytics. Our course goes above and beyond other generic Tableau certification courses, offering one-on-one coaching from Tableau Zen Masters and industry experts.

Tableau Foundations

Learn the essentials, such as how to navigate Tableau Desktop, connect to data, build powerful charts, and create interactive dashboards.

Tableau Practitioner

Upgrade your technique with sophisticated visualizations, interactivity, customized data sources, Tableau Prep, and advanced calculations.

Tableau Advanced

Master the platform with a deep dive into advanced dashboard customization, complex calculations, and the latest custom features.


Our comprehensive training will help your team master Altreyx Designer, a leading self-service analytics software with powerful tools for data preparation, data blending, predictive analysis, and sharing insights. They’ll learn how to implement the platform’s drag-and-drop workflows to quickly automate repetitive tasks and ultimately transform raw data into ready-to-use results.

Alteryx Foundations

Learn the key principles, such as how to navigate Alteryx Designer, organize data, set up workflows, incorporate calculations, and document data efficiently.

Alteryx Practitioner

Expand your technique by learning powerful tools for data cleaning, data prep, appending data, replacement, parsing, and pivoting your data.

Alteryx Advanced

Master the platform with thorough lessons on In-Database tools, dummy data, Regular Expression (RegEx), and analytic apps and macros.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI data visualization tools will enhance your analytics with interactive reporting at your fingertips. Designed for Microsoft users, the Power BI Desktop is a powerful business intelligence tool that feels intuitive to/for both novice and experienced team members. Our expert Data Coaches will help you maximize your real-time data and make the most of this multi-faceted program.

Power BI Foundations

Learn the essentials, such as how to navigate Power BI desktop, connect to data, build important charts, and format analytic reports.

Power BI Practitioner

Improve your technique with data modeling, visualizations, intermediate calculations, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and Power Query.

Power BI Advanced

Master the platform with in-depth lessons into sophisticated chart customizations, complex data modeling, advanced DAX, and basic performance tuning.

Meet Your Data Coach Experts

These accredited coaches will support your learning path every step of the way. Through our platform, you can set up one-on-one calls, receive feedback on your certification process, troubleshoot challenges on your capstone project, and much more.

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