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Build marketable skills in data and analytics that will automate your most redundant data activities with videos and hands-on exercises. Get direct support any time from industry-recognized professionals. Earn accolades for your professional profile through meaningful projects.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau is considered one of the top self-service analytics and business intelligence tools. Tableau Desktop provides powerful drag-and-drop functionality to build visual analytics for its users. Completing this bundle will put users on a level similar to Tableau’s Desktop Certified Associate Exam.

Tableau Foundations

You will learn how to navigate Tableau’s Desktop interface by connecting to data, building essential charts, and building interactive dashboards.

Tableau Practitioner

You will learn how to customize data sources, create calculations, and add sophisticated interactivity to your visuals.

Tableau Advanced

You will add advanced actions to your dashboards, dive deep into level-of-detail calculations, and add custom features to your dashboards.

Power BI

Power BI enables Microsoft users to connect to and visualize their data in a unified business intelligence platform. Users have access to over 120+ data connectors and the ability to share and collaborate with end-to-end data protection. 

Power BI Foundations

You will learn how to work with the Power BI platform and files. This course also covers how to connect to data and the basics of building and formatting reports.

Power BI Practitioner

In this course you will learn about data modeling, power query, calculations, and DAX. The course also covers intermediate visuals and advanced filtering.

Power BI Advanced

This course covers additional concepts and applications with data modeling and DAX. You will also learn how to develop customized charts.   


Alteryx is a leader in self-service data analytics. Alteryx Designer enables users to more efficiently prep and analyze their data for faster insights. Completing this bundle will put users on a level similar to the Alteryx Designer Core Certification Exam.

Alteryx Foundations

You will learn how to connect to and view your data, incorporate calculations in your flow, and best practices for organizing and documenting.

Alteryx Advanced

You will learn how to use In-Database tools in your flow, generate dummy data, use RegEx, and build analytic apps and macros.  

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